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For the voice acting audition would we just be able to talk about our capabilities (if we don't know which character we want to audition for and are just auditioning for a role in general?)

Well if you audition, you gotta have a little idea of who you want to voice. If you really have no idea, I recommend looking at the master post that I’ll update in a minute and reblog, and look at the character that don’t have VA’s for them, or those who don’t have a back up.

If you hesitate between a few, just send your audition and we can tell you which one your voice would be better for, but we need to have an idea of who you would like to voice.

Hope this help (:

Canadian Raising



I’ve got a background in linguistics so if the SCIENCEY BIT at the beginning doesn’t make any sense I apologize. ;3; The first 3-4 ish minutes is an explanation of what physically happens and the rest is examples. (although I screwed up in the audio so look for my correction in bold below)

HERE IS A TRANSCRIPTION OF SOME STUFF I SAY. I made this at the request of the lovely and talented lafranglophone and I hope it helps. Please let me know if I should do more. 



Hello VAs for Project Canada! Worried about your “Canadian Accent”? If you’re voicing a character who has a Canadian Raising and you don’t, I’ll try and help you distinguish the sound difference. The only Canadian characters who don’t have the Canadian Raising are Quebec and Newfoundland. The Canadian raising occurs everywhere else, but is really pronounced in the Maritimes especially, I think. It also does occur in some American speech (New England) and in British speech, but usually Canadian raising is distinguished by the diphthongs ‘ai’ and ‘ou’ so we’ll talk about those. 


What is a Canadian Raising? Linguistically speaking, it’s a diphthong that is raised before voiceless consonants. In layman’s terms, it’s the thing when we say words like ‘about’ and Americans make fun of us for it. Let’s break down the definition before we start.

A diphthong is Greek for “two sounds”. It’s two different sounds that become one sound in natural speech. For example, the “ai” sound in ‘tie’ is actually two different sounds: ‘ah’ and ‘ee’ that come together to make ‘ai’. This also goes for ‘ou’ in ‘about’: ‘ah’ and ‘euh’. We make these sounds all the time without even thinking about it. 

A voiceless consonant is any letter that is neither a vowel nor “voiced”. You can tell if a letter is voiced by putting your hand on your throat and feeling whether it ‘buzzes’. Try saying ‘sssssss’ and ‘zzzz’ while holding your throat! Also check out the IPA chart I’ll link you. In the consonant table (“Pulmonic Consonants”), all of the sounds on the left of each column are voiceless. For the Canadian Raising, the consonants we’ll want to listen for are the differences between:

'p'/'b', 't/d', 'k'/'g', 's'/'z' and 'f'/v'

When a word ends in a diphthong like ‘ai’ next to a voiceless consonant like ‘t’, Canadians make a different ‘raised’ sound than they do when a diphthong is next to a voiced consonant like ‘d’ at the end of a word. 

If you look at the IPA chart for vowels (on the top of the page), the chart is structured like your mouth in profile. You’ll see front/central/back and the open-ness of your mouth (closed, closed mid, etc).So the reason Americans make fun of us is because they think we raise higher than we actually do. So you’ll notice in back vowels there’s two symbols that look like a’s at the bottom. IGNORE ME I SCREWED UP the ‘ai’ vowel is actually a front vowel on the bottom left If you look above that (to the right) at the open-mid back vowel you’ll see something that looks like an upside-down v. If you click it you can hear it. That’s what the Canadian raising becomes; literally raised up in your mouth. For the ‘ou’ sound, see that thing that kind of looks like a u but… weird? Kind of between central and back? Yes that’s what the ‘o’ sound changes to. The Americans think we go to the one that looks like a normal u which is ‘oo’ but it’s actually more like ‘euh’. ‘out’, not ‘oot’! (Note: some Americans also joke that Canadians saying ‘out and about on a boat’ sounds like ‘oat and aboat on a boat’ which is just weird.)



The first word in each pair will be without the Canadian raising, and the second one will have the Canadian raising. Let’s go!

"knives" "knife" 

"loud" "lout"

"tide" "tight"

"prize" "price" 

Okay, get ready for the best phrase:

Out and about the house

Or how about this

The loud lout was housed out and about the house. Doesn’t make any sense, but maybe it will help you hear the difference! 


IMPORTANT ^^^^^^^^^


Hey guys just ignore this if you don’t feel like reading a rant and giving advice.

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It is perfectly normal to feel to way you are right now, and I’m sure you’re not alone to feel “useless” because so far there isn’t much going on. And if you want to know more about the characters, there is gonna me the reference section that is going to be released soon, and you can also look at the old IAMP wikis.

You don’t need to push yourself to be an artist, you can always post Project Canada art in the fanart section or under the tag. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to do it, don’t do it. Yes we are searching for artists and VA’s and whatnot, but we don’t want anyone to feel forced to multitask.

And for voice acting, if you feel up to the challenge, feel free to audition. Now for your recording problem, there isn’t much I can do than maybe recommend checking the settings on your recording program and make sure it’s on stereo.

I hope this help (:


ive never felt more national pride than I do right this second

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Ah, hello! I just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of the IaMP and canadian history in general, and I'm really excited to hear about project canada! I would love to audition to be a voice actor, but I'm wondering of there are spots left/if Americans are allowed to audition? Thanks!


THERE ARE MANY SPOTS. :D Even if a spot is full, see if you can audition to be an understudy/backup in case the main voice actor has some irl issues. Which spots are available I’m not positive, but off the top of my head all of the lady provinces and territories have been taken (they don’t all have understudies so don’t be shy! Yukon needs an understudy *eyebrow waggle*) None of the boys as far as I’m aware (aside from yours truly as Alberta) have been taken. We’re also going to need voices for other canon Hetalia characters like America and England and so on as well as background voices for whatever each episode calls for. There is a lot of work to do! 

And hey if you’re thinking of a specific character or are just looking for tips just give any of us a shout. 

YES Americans are welcome! (Our NWT is played by the lovely and talented thisnameisquitedanny from Texas which is like completely polar opposite end of Northern North America haha). COINCIDENTALLY I just finished recording an audio file on the Canadian Raising (the only thing that makes the ‘Canadian Accent’ Canadian) for people who don’t have it to understand how to make a Canadian (anglophone) accent.. I’m just about to post it. 

Thank you for your support of the project and please consider auditioning!


If multitasking is allowed in Project Canada, I can step in to be an artist if need be. But my specifics are for writing and not really drawing.

Yes, multitasking is allowed, you can do whatever you want (:








"oh yeah you guys use celcius"


I couldn’t resist. 
(Not trying to offend anyone- home province, woohoo!)


I couldn’t resist. 

(Not trying to offend anyone- home province, woohoo!)